Our Personal Injury matters are done on a contigent basis meaning that if we do not win, we do not get paid. There are no up-front costs or fees with us.

Our Crimanl Defense matters remain consistent with the industry standard, but as a point of reference your fee will be directly related to the crime charged, the potential exposure, as well as the individualized facts relevant to your case.

Not every case requires a lawyer. However, if you attempt to negotiate directly with an insurance company you may lack the negotiation leverage required to force a reasonable settlement. Remember, the Insurance companies are not your friends. Furthermore, attempting to resolve a case on your own prior to hiring an attorney could have a negative impact on your case if you decide to hire an attorney later. HC Legal Group provides a free, no-risk consultation where the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer in your specific case can be discussed.

As for our criminal defense matters, there is literally no comparison when you compare the caseload of a Florida Public Defender to Private Counsel. Statistics are clear that Defendant’s with private counsel obtain lighter sentences. This is not an oppinion, it is a fact.  Give us a call to discuss your matter.

There is no such thing as a fixed price associated with a given injury. Each case is unique. A number of factors go into the evaluation of your case, including the amount of available insurance, the cost of medical bills and percentage of fault. Much of this information is unknown at the time of your injury, but as your cases progress it is easier to estimate the value of a claim. Our goal is to gather this information as quickly as possible, while also helping you avoid the tactics used by insurance companies to devalue your claim.

It depends. However we understand most clients want to avoid going to court. We do our very best to come to a reasonable settlement before filing a lawsuit. However, as litigation attorneys we are prepared to maximize value for our clients including taking the case to jury.

Your health should take top priority. Seek medical treatment for your injuries as quickly as possible. This will also be important documentation of your injuries when it comes time to present your case to the insurance company. After seeking initial treatment, contact HC legal group before speaking with any insurance company. Preserve any evidence you think will help your case. Our firm will take over all communication with the insurance companies and coordinate your medical treatments so you can focus on resting and recovering from your injuries.

Yes. The information you share with us is protected by the attorney-client privilege and will remain confidential. This protection will apply even when our legal representation terminates or if you do not retain our firm. Because your communications with us are privileged, it is important that you make full disclosure of all pertinent facts with respect to your personal injury claim (such as prior injuries) so that we can fully assess your case.

Depending on the cause and magnitude of the damage, the plaintiff can be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain, trauma, suffering, lost wages, etc.

Each case is different and requires a varying length of the time period to settle. Based on the nature of Personal Injury matters, cases can take as little as three weeks to a few years depending on many factors we will discuss during our free initial consultation.