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Review our Practice Areas and let us know under which legal service you require. 

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Car Accident

Whether you were riding in an Uber or Lyft, or you were rear ended on the way home from Happy Hour, H&C Legal is here! We are happy to evaluate your case, suggest possible locations for treatment as well as provide a complete evaluation of all your legal rights at no upfront cost to you.

Before you speak with an Insurance Adjuster, call us. Tasks such as providing a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster pretending to be your friend is just one of the tricks used to prevent you from getting what you deserve

Premise Liability

If you were injured at a business in Florida please contact us. From Grocery stores, to Night Clubs injuries happen when you least expect it.

From brawls to slip-and-falls, poor signage, to gun shot wounds. There is no such thing as “you shouldn’t have been there” or “you are just clumsy” if you are truly injured that is what is important. Let us figure out the rest.

Premise Liability injury

Personal Injury

Whether it was due to a wet surface, or a poorly constructed layout, property owners are responsible for making sure you are safe. This is why Florida Statute allows Plaintiff’s to be rightfully compensated. 

No matter how big or small allow H&C Legal to  help you to recover your personal injury claims.

Dog Bites

Don’t take the dog bites lightly. Contact with HC legal Attorneys as we will take all needed legal steps, including collecting adequate evidence, recomendation of rabies testing, identifying the pet owner, gathering insurance information, and working aggressively to obtain the full damages you deserve through an insurance claim or litigation.

Through the claim, the plaintiff can recover compensation for all medical bills, suffering, pain, trauma, or other medical expenses.


Slip and Falls

Whether it is for a wet floor, improper signage, or poor construction, Florida Statutes allows individuals to be legally compensated for all damages due to this negligence.

Allow our experienced attorneys at H&C Legal Group help you to recover for all your injries..

Wrongful Death

Though nothing can truly make up for the loss of a loved one’s life but receiving fair compensation will ease some of the numerous burdens that occurs with each and every loss. 

Contact H&C Legal to explore the various legal services available to an estate after a loved one passes away for any reason. We strive to assist with the recovery of the financial and emotional stress imposed on you.

criminal defense legal service

Criminal Defense

Our motto of “we don’t judge we defend” should tell you all we need to know. Handling State and Federal matters throughout the State of Florida contact H&C legal on behalf of yourself or a loved one who needs immediate assistance.

From securing a bond in the most unlikely situations, and especially before accepting any plea offer give us a call. Your freedom is worth it.

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